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Press Registration

Press registration is open to any member of the broadcast, print and Internet media who can prove they work for an organization or publication that covers computer security on a regular basis. ?If you need a separate room for filming interviews, please request it in advance in the comments section. ?Let us know if there are any other special needs such as speakers you want to interview.

We welcome anyone to apply for press credentials but reserve the right to deny you a pass.
As such, please be prepared to show us copies of your articles either at your publication's Web site or on the publication's masthead should we request it. At the show, please be able to present a business card, and government issued picture id, article on your organization's masthead and contact information for your assignment editor should we need it to validate your credentials before issuing you a pass. Press registration may be granted for the Briefings only. There are no press passes available for Training.

Please make a point to pre-register. Should you attempt to attain credentials on-site, we cannot guarantee you will qualify and must bring all information in the above paragraph.
To register, please submit those information below via the email of by Oct7 in Japan time:

Subject: [BHJP08] Press Registration

Message body:
address line1(required),
address line2,
classification(required), Press

We will let you know if we need or will be expecting any of the above information shortly after we receive your application for a Black Hat Briefings press pass.