Black Hat Europe 2011

Black Hat Europe 2011 //Press

Barcelona, Spain • Mar 15-18

Researcher Overcomes Legal Setback Over 'Cloud Cracking Suite'

Injunction has been revoked and German researcher Thomas Roth was able to release his Cloud Cracking Suite at Black Hat Europe in Barcelona.

Dark Reading / Kelly Jackson Higgins : 21 March 2011

The Concept of Monocultures in IT Reviewed

A briefing by Damir Rajinovic, at the March, 2011 Black Hat Europe Digital Self Defense Conference, in Barcelona, Spain, brings a unique view to an old approach as to how we have the trend to concentrate in one vendor solution to our computer security problems.

Technorati / Cesar Ortiz: 21 March 2011

#BlackHatEU Day-2 Wrap-up

BlackHat Europe 2011 is already over! I’m waiting for my flight at Barcelona airport with Peter from Corelan Team, writing my wrap-up for the second day! It started with a talk by Sebastian Muniz & Alfredo Ortega: “Fuzzing and Debugging Cisco IOS“.

/dev/random: / 19 March 2011

Anonymous DoS attacks thwarted with Aikido hip throw War stories from 'Operation Avenge Assange'

War stories from 'Operation Avenge Assange'.

The Register: / Dan Goodin: 18 March 2011

#BlackHatEU Day-1 Wrap-up

The first day started (too) early with Rafal Los’s (@Wh1t3Rabbit) briefing about “Defying Logic – Theory, Design, and Implementation of Complex Systems for Testing Application Logic“.

/dev/random: / 18 March 2011

Researchers Say Hijackable Bug Infects 30% Of Websites

The security world has long seen the Web as a buggy, infected tangle of sites vulnerable to hacks like cross-site scripting and SQL injection. Now a group of researchers has dug into a Web security problem that’s lesser-known and by some measures more dangerous, and they’ve found that it applies to as many as three in ten sites.

Forbes: / Andy Greenberg: 15 March 2011

Security Conference Dives Into SAP Coding Problems

The Black Hat Europe conference in Barcelona next week will feature a keynote on cyberwar from Bruce Schneier, and presentations on security flaws in Apple's Mac OS X and SAP's business software.

CSO: / Jeremy Kirk, IDG News : 11 March 2011

Safer than Android, iPhone not risk-free

Apple’s iPhone is more vulnerable to phishing attacks than users might realize because it can obscure the true addresses of the websites that phone owners are visiting. Mr Dhanjani, whose day job includes examining app security for consultancy Ermst & Young, has blogged on the issue and plans to give a talk on it at a Black Hat hacking conference this month.

FT Tech Hub: / Joseph Menn: 9 March 2011