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Visual Analytics - Delivering Actionable Security Intelligence

Raffael Marty - PixlCloud | July 30-31 & August 1-2


Big data and security intelligence are two very hot topics in security. We are collecting more and more information from both the infrastructure, but also directly from our applications. This vast amount of data gets increasingly harder to understand. Terms like map reduce, hadoop, spark, elasticsearch, etc. are part of many discussions. But what are those technologies? And what do they have to do with security intelligence? We will see that none of these technologies are sufficient in our quest to defend our networks and information. Data visualization is the only approach that scales to the ever changing threat landscape and infrastructure configurations. Using big data visualization techniques, you can gain a far deeper understanding of what's happening on your network right now. You can uncover hidden patterns of data, identify emerging vulnerabilities and attacks, and respond decisively with countermeasures that are far more likely to succeed than conventional methods. The attendees will learn about log analysis, big data, information visualization, data sources for IT security, and learn how to generate visual representations of IT data. The training is filled with hands-on exercises utilizing the DAVIX live CD.

Day 1:

Log Analysis
  • Data Sources Discussion such as PCAP, Firewall, IDS, Threat Feeds, etc.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization Linux (DAVIX)
  • Log Data Processing (CSVKit, ...)

Log Management and SIEM
  • Log management and SIEM overview
  • LogStash and Moloch
  • Big data - Hadoop, Spark, ElasticSearch
  • Data Science with R

Day 2:

  • Visualization Theory
  • Dashboard design
  • Data Visualization Tools and Libraries
  • - e.g., Mondrian, Gephi, AfterGlow
  • Visualization Resources

Security Visualization Use-cases
  • Perimeter Threat
  • Network Flow Analysis
  • Firewall Visualization
  • IDS/IPS Signature Analysis
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Proxy Data
  • User Activity
  • Host-based Data Analysis

Who Should Take this Course

Anyone with an interest in data analytics, big data, and visualization. For example, Security Analysts, Security Engineers, Incident Responders, Security Managers, and System Administrators.

Student Requirements

Working UNIX knowledge, some programming experience, and basic familiarity with TCP/IP networking. You should be able to use the Linux command line for some basic scripting and executing of tools.

What Students Should Bring

Students need to bring a laptop with the latest version of VMWare player or any other software that can run a VMWare image.

What Students Will Be Provided With

Printed and/or electronic materials.


Raffael Marty is one of the world's most recognized authorities on security data analytics and visualization. Raffy is the founder and CEO of pixlcloud, a next generation visual analytics platform. With a track record at companies including IBM Research and ArcSight, he is thoroughly familiar with established practices and emerging trends in big data analytics. He has served as Chief Security Strategist with Splunk and was a co-founder of Loggly, a cloud-based log management solution. Author of Applied Security Visualization and frequent speaker at academic and industry events, Raffy is a leading thinker and advocate of visualization for unlocking data insights. For more than 14 years, Raffy has worked in the security and log management space to help Fortune 500 companies defend themselves against sophisticated adversaries and has trained organizations around the world in the art of data visualization for security. Zen meditation has become an important part of Raffy's life, sometimes leading to insights not in data but in life.