The Black Hat Briefings USA 1997
 This is the schedule from The Black Hat Briefings in 1997
  Wednesday, July 9 Thursday, July 10
0900-0945 Keynote: Ira Winkler, NSCA Keynote: Richard Thieme
1000 - 1130 Track A  Auditing and Risk Analysis of Windows NT.
Track B Internet Attack Methodologies.
Track A Why Cryptography is Harder Than it Looks.
Track B  A Review  of Free Utilities for Securing Your Systems and Networks
1140 - 1310 Track A  How Firewalls Fit into the Corporate Landscape.
Track B  Secure Implementations of ActiveX in a Corporate Environment.
Track A Novell Security, Auditing, Detection and Prevention.
Track B  Denial of Service Attacks and Defensive Strategies
1320 - 1420 LUNCH LUNCH
1425 - 1520 Ray Kaplan: Meet the Enemy Session  
1530 - 1700 Track A  TCP/IP Internals: Everything You Wanted to Know About Hacking the TCP/IP Stack.
Track B Secure programming practices and source code analysis.
Track A  CIFS and Microsoft Security
Track B  SNMP Security Consideration and Implementation