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BindView Corporation

BindView Corporation  is a recognized leader of IT security solutions, offering a suite of products designed to secure and manage most of today's widely-used operating systems and networked platforms. While our corporate office remains in Houston, we have expanded our company, with offices located throughout the United States, as well as in Europe, Central America, India, and Asia-Pacific.

We still maintain our founding commitment to offer a range of solutions designed to assist today's organization in the security of its business-critical systems. We recognize that today's business depends more extensively than ever on the high performance of its IT infrastructure, and we build our products to meet those needs. 

We recognize that a major shift in computing technology is currently underway; a move away from network-centered computing and toward Internet-based, web computing. This shift brings new vulnerabilities and demands to the information technologies currently used. BindView products are strategically positioned to assist in the challenges of  securing and managing these IT infrastructures, enabling our customers to use these technologies in their business-critical applications with confidence and agility.

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Secure Computing Corp.

Secure Computing solutions provide risk-free, personalized access control for unlimited users across any public network. Our software products provide secure entry points into Web sites and applications by confirming each person‚s identity and role.  

SafeWordķ and SafeWord Plusķ deliver unparalleled user identification and authorization for Web, VPN, and network resources. Sidewinderķ is the world‚s most secure firewall and VPN gateway. SmartFilterķ Web filtering software improves employee productivity, reduces legal liability, and increases network bandwidth.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Secure Computing's worldwide partners and customers include Fortune 50 organizations in financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, Internet companies, and government agencies

Telenisus develops and markets robust security solutions, from our SecureNet Pro best-in-class network intrusion detection system (NIDS), to a flexible series of high-speed network security appliances.  
SecureNet Provider, the latest addition to the SecureNet family, delivers a complete three-tier NIDS monitoring and reporting system for large enterprises and managed service providers. Coupled with the SecureNet Series of integrated, plug-and-protect NIDS security appliances, SecureNet Provider enables the centralized monitoring of all IDS sensors throughout the enterprise, to make intrusion detection information more valuable Ų and more accessible.
  • also offers these security solutions:
  • VPN/Firewall Security Appliances featuring Check Point Software
  • Vulnerability Assessment featuring SecurityAnalyst software
  • Centralized Analysis featuring SecureEnterprise software
  • SecureCom Chassis, a complete network operations system

  • Whether your company is a large global enterprise with branch offices or a small business, security solutions provide IT professionals with enhanced network intelligence, easier security management, and greater information assurance across the enterprise Ų and around the world. For more information, visit us at, or call us today at (888) 637-7770. 

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    PricewaterhouseCoopers security and technology professionals help organizations make informed, strategic decisions when assessing, designing, implementing and operating enterprise security solutions.  Our services include vulnerability assessments; security architecture design and implementation; web portal application security integration; PKI implementation, managed security services, trusted third party (TTP) solutions and cryptographic consulting. The  integrity, privacy and security of information are critical to your organization's success. Our specialists have the skills and experience you need to ensure that your business operations are secure, trustworthy and reliable. To contact us, call 800-639-7576 or visit us at

    Asita Technologies, Inc. provides high-speed Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solutions that integrate a high-performance VPN, firewalling, networking, policy routing, load balancing and a network management system into a single network device. The asita LineSpeed product range features hardware based encryption that ensures true wire speak performance and delivers the highest level of security for international standards (IPSec using 3DES-CBC mode). The asita LineSpeed is scalable and flexible while being easy to configure and  manage.  Contact
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    Since its inception in 1975, Microsoft's mission has been to create software for the personal computer that empowers and enriches people in the workplace, at school and at home. Microsoft's early vision of a computer on every desk and in every home is coupled today with a strong commitment to Internet-related technologies that expand the power and reach of the PC and its users. As the world's leading software provider, Microsoft strives to produce innovative products that meet customers' evolving needs. 

    Microsoft(r) products include operating systems for personal computers, server applications for client/server environments, business and consumer productivity applications, and interactive media programs, and Internet platform and development tools. Microsoft also offers online services, sells personal computer books and input devices, and researches and develops advanced technology software products. Microsoft products, available in more than 30 languages and sold in more than 50 countries, are available for most PCs, including Intel microprocessor-based computers and Apple computers.

    Argus Systems
    Argus Systems Group is a specialty developer of Internet security softwarefor the e-business market.  It is the world's only multi-platform vendor of Intrusion Prevention System software based on Trusted Operating System technology.  Argus' core product, PitBull, is designed to stop hackers in their tracks.  Unlike common perimeter-based security products such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, PitBull delivers security where it is needed most - within the operating systems that control the most sensitive servers in your IT infrastructure.  If the foundation (OS) is not secured, a successful attack from either a sophisticated outsider or malicious insider can render all other security mechanisms useless.

    Cryptek Secure Communications

    Our principal offering is DiamondTEKä, a family of network security products.  DiamondTEK was developed to protect national security information and was evaluated by the National Security Agency („NSAš) at the B2 level of trust for multi-level security.  As a result, it is the most trusted network security product available.  The product is now undergoing both a Common Criteria EAL4+ evaluation and a CCEP evaluation to incorporate Type 1 encryption for classified government applications.    DiamondTEK provides a seamless end-to-end information security solution that meets both current and future enterprise requirements.  DiamondTEK protects enterprise data, applications, and networks, and creates the longest and most trusted secure access path possible because it provides end-to-end security and security at the data level.  DiamondTEK is the ideal solution to meet the complex challenges facing today‚s coalition and „need to knowš environments.  It features 168-bit 3DES encryption in a fully exportable package, and is reconfigurable to address the demands of rapidly changing coalition architectures.  When it comes to sensitive information∑One Line of Defense Isn‚t Enough! For more information: Cryptek Secure Communications, 14130-C Sullyfield Cr., Chantilly, VA 20151-1615, or phone 800-753-0706

    Official Security Portal
    Security Focus

    SecurityFocus is the leading provider of security intelligence services for business, and a trusted information resource for the security community.

    The services SecurityFocus provides to businesses include the following:

  • Vulnerability Database: a subscription license of the world‚s largest and most comprehensive vulnerability information database
  • Security Intelligence Alert service Ų SIA: a subscription service that alerts users to security vulnerabilities
  • Attack Registry and Intelligence Service Ų ARIS: a subscription service that provides predictive cyber attack information for customer networks, based on global attack data
  • SecurityFocus also hosts popular security community mailing lists including Bugtraq, one of the most widely read security mailing lists on the Internet, and provides the ARIS analyzer service, a free incident management system that enables users to analyze suspicious network traffic from a host of popular commercial and open-source intrusion detection systems (IDSs). With the ARIS analyzer, users can also manage their incidents, correlate attack data from various sources on their networks, and report attacks to upstream connections through an automated incident response system.

    The award winning SecurityFocus Web site is the largest security information source on the Internet. The site promotes security knowledge, security awareness, and an open discussion of security-related topics. The site also provides topical content areas, called Focus Areas, on security topics such as Security Basics, Sun, Linux, Microsoft, Incident Handling, IDSs, and Viruses. In addition, the SecurityFocus site includes security advisories, vulnerabilities and solutions, security links to other resources, original content, and breaking security news.

    To join the growing number of SecurityFocus members and discover more about SecurityFocus, please visit

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    O'Reilly & Associates is the premier information source for leading-edge computer technologies. We communicate the knowledge of experts through our books, conferences, and web sites. Our books, known for their animals on the covers, occupy a treasured place on the shelves of the developers building the next generation of software. Our conferences and summits bring innovators together to shape the revolutionary ideas that spark new industries. From the Internet to the Web, Linux, Open Source, and now peer-to-peer networking, we put technologies on the map.

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    SC Magazine

    SC Magazine - The leading US magazine for computer security.  SC Magazine is full of news, opinion, product reviews and tests plus applications and solutions articles to  keep you in touch with the latest security threats and the solutions available to  remedy them.

    SC Magazine also test and certify computer security products via our Checkmark system. This is through the West Coast Labs. Go to the Checkmark area to find out much more about this great service.

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