The Black Hat Briefings '01, July 11-12th Las Vegas
The Black Hat Briefings '01, July 11-12th Las Vegas

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It's late. You're in the office alone, catching up on database administration.  Behind you, your network servers hum along quietly, reliably.  Life is good.  No one can get to your data or disrupt your WAN. The network is secure.  Or is it?  Now is your chance to get the real information.
The Black Hat Briefings conference has been organized to put an end to concerns like these.  While many conferences focus on information and network security, only The Black Hat Briefings will put your engineers and software programmers face-to-face with today's cutting edge computer security experts and "underground" security specialists.

Only the Black Hat Briefings conference will provide your people with the tools and understanding they need to help thwart those lurking either in the shadows of your firewall or the depths of your companies WAN.  The reality is, they are out there.  The choice is yours.  You can live in fear of them.  Or, you can learn from them.

New for 2001 there will be a Tools of the Trade track, a greater emphasis on unique research and new demonstrations, sign language interpreters, data CDs for attendees, and more!

Conference Overview, USA 2001

The Black Hat Briefings conference series was created to fill the need of computer professionals to better understand the security risks to their computer and information infrastructures by potential threats.  To do this we assemble a group of vendor neutral security professionals in the same room and let them talk candidly about the problems businesses face, and the solutions they see to those problems.  No gimmicks, just straight talk by people who make it their business to explore the ever changing security space.

The Black Hat Briefings will focus on the vital security issues facing organizations with large Enterprise networks and mixed network operating systems.  The current hot topics include Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDos), Computer Forensics (CF) software, Incident Response, web based vulnerabilities, issues with security in a High Availability (HA) environment, secure programming techniques, tool selection and more.  You will be put face to face with the people developing the tools used by and against hackers.

Spanning two days with Five separate tracks.  The conference is broken up into a number of tacks.  They can best be described as follows:

Technical - These talks might cover demonstrations, examples and overviews of new attacks, technologies, or trends.  These are technical issues all security practitioners should be aware of. 

More Technical - These talks could include source code examples, specific focus on a technical detail, or any topic that may require previous knowledge.  The nuts and bolts.

Tools of the Trade - These tool talks will be by the authors of open source security tools and applications.  The authors will be discussing and demonstrating new features, new announcements, or covering configuration advice.  Your chance to ask the source about the tools you use!

White Hat - These talks will help management decide what to do about all the technical issues surrounding security.  These talks may cover legal ramifications of an intrusion, corporate trends in managing networks, and issues with out-sourcing network services and how to manage these young whipper-snappers.  While the other tracks have a technology focus, this track is for people who have to manage technology.

Deep Knowledge - The Deep Knowledge track These talks (About six in all) will last from two to four hours in length, each.  These talks cover a specific topic in great depth, and they usually include a demonstration.  The more technical and cutting edge talks that require more time are found in this track.

The Black Hat Briefing's intense sessions will bring to light the security and mis-configuration problems confronting organizations and network administrators, most of which go unnoticed by today's preoccupied system administrators where security gets put off in lieu of constant network growth and upgrades.  Our speakers will discuss the strategies involved in correcting existing problems and speak towards what you can expect in the future.

There will be American Sign Language interpreters translating some of the talks.  If you are hearing impaired, and wish to take advantage of this, please contact the conference administrator to coordinate.

This year you can expect more demonstrations and more unique presentations, and as always an excellent time.  Be sure to arrive the evening before in order to make it to the informal get together and birds of a feather.  Black Hat is more than just good speeches, it is about making solid contacts in the security space.

As an added bonus, people who attend The Black Hat Briefings get free admission to DEF CON 9.0, the largest Hacker convention in the U.S., held right after Black Hat in Las Vegas.  For more information see their web site.

Who is this conference for?

CEOs and CIOs, MIS and IT managers as well as the people doing the work in the trenches.  Anyone dealing with the security functions at your company looking for deep insight into the security space, who want straight talk, and don't want to attend a vend-o-rama should choose Black Hat.
Registration Costs
Registration costs are $1,095 US before June 22nd 2001
Late registration fees are $1,295 after June 22nd.

You may cancel your registration before June 22nd for a full refund, after that there is a $120 cancellation and processing fee.
 Payment must be received in full (except U.S. G form 1556, etc.) in advance to guarantee attendance.
This fee includes two days of speaking, materials, a reception, and meals.

To register, please use the button on the left hand side of this page.

We have excellent rates at Caesar's Palace of $129 a night for July 7th - July 14th.  Please reference The Black Hat Briefings when registereing.  This includes a limited number of Government rates.  Do not be discouraged by Caesars splendor!