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How to: Register for Black Hat USA 2006

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The Black Hat USA 2006 registration web page can be found at:

Step 1: Review the Registration Jump Page page
Carefully review the information on this page. It includes the rate schedule and important notes. Continue to Scroll down to find links to Registration Terms & Conditionsm, General Conference FAQ, information on how to change your existing registration and finally, Online Registration for US 2006.

Clicking the link or shopping cart to Online Registration will bring you to the Black Hat Registration Page (

Step 2: Selecting your Training classes and registering for the Briefings

After clicking the link to Online Registration for US 2006 a new window will open in your browser.

At the top of the page is an explanation of the color codes which highlight some classes. When classes are near full, they are presented with a yellow background. Classes that are full have a gray background and can be selected to add yourself to the wait list. Wait lists are first come, first served.

A little more about Black Hat wait lists.

What is a wait list? A wait list occurs when a class is sold out. It is a list of registrants that would like a seat in a class that is currently unavailable. On occasion, Black Hat receives cancellation requests and in some cases when a class sells out, the instructor will expand the class size. Adding yourself to a wait list is free of charge and at the time of registration you will be notified that you are on a wait list. When a seat becomes available the wait list will, in order of registrations received, add a student to the class. You will then be notified. Once you let us know that you are still interested in the class and depending on your payment type, you will be charged or issued an invoice. Please remember that the seat in the class is only guaranteed once Black Hat has been paid.

Step 2 (continued):

The first item on the list is Black Hat Briefings USA 2006. A registration for Black Hat Briefings includes lunch for both days and admission to the Day 1 Briefings reception for the registrant. Additional tickets to these events are available should you wish your spouse or partner to attend. These additional tickets to the reception and lunches do not entitle the bearer entrance to sessions at Black Hat Briefings.

Select the Black Hat Briefings USA 2006 if you wish to attend the lecture sessions.

The next series of items are Black Hat Training classes, Weekend session (July 29-30) followed by Weekday session (July 31- August 1). Be sure to read carefully and select your class on the correct dates. You may only select one item per session.

Lastly, Black Hat offers letters of invitation for delegates traveling from abroad. In many cases, it is necessary to apply for a visa to enter the USA and this letter will help the application process.

If you are a US Citizen, you DO NOT need a letter of invitation. A Letter of Invitation will not grant you entry to the conference unless you are paid in full.

Letter of invitation are only issued to Registrations that are PAID IN FULL.

After you’ve made your selections, click the CHECK OUT button in the bottom right corner of the page. This will bring you to the Registraton Customer Information Page

Step 3: Completing the Registration form page.
It is critical that all the required fields be filled in on this page. The Required fields are as follows (in order of appearance on the form):

Attendee First Name

Attendee Last Name

Attendee's Email Address (provide a valid email address)


Payment Type (you must select either Visa, Master Card, American Express, Wire Transfer, Check or Government Terms)

Billing Address 1

Billing City

Billing Postalcode

Billing Country

Why Black Hat?

            If Payment Type is selected as Visa, Master Card or American Express a few fields become required:

Credit Card Number

CSC (or CVV2, this is the security code on the back of your card)

Expiration Month

Expiration Year

Name on Credit Card.

A little more about Payment Types.

Visa, Master Card, American Express are all credit cards that we accept.

Wire Transfers are for all electronic funds transactions such as ACH, EFT, electronic check payments and bank wires. The appropriate form will be sent via email with our bank details.

Check are for all registrations that will be paid via check sent by post. Details as to who to endorse the check and where the check should be sent are sent to you via email.

Government Terms are for payments by the US Government to Black Hat which requires the completion of appropriate paperwork to ensure payment. Please be sure to send over the appropriate forms after you have completed your registration for our records. You may select this if you are a goverment entity paying with a government credit card where the transaction must be completed over the phone. The appropriate person must contact us with the credit card in order for the transaction to be completed.

Once the form is complete, click the REGISTER button at the bottom of the page.

If you receive an error message it is most likely that one or more required fields are missing, go back to registration form and make sure all required fields are filled in.

If all the required fields have been properly filled in, you will be brought to a summary page. The summary page will show your name, the items you have ordered and an order total. Once you have approved the summary, click the CONFIRM PURCHASE button. This will bring you to a successful order message that will read as follows:

All orders will be issued an invoice within 48 hours. You will receive a receipt once your payment has been successfully processed.

You will then be given an order reference number. Please keep a copy of the number on file since you will need this if you wish to make any changes to your registration including substitutions, cancellations, etc.

An invoice is automatically generated and sent as a pdf attachment via email. You should use this to make sure that all of your information is correct including your class selections, name, etc.

If you have successfully paid in full, you will receive a second email with a receipt as a pdf attachment. Please bring a copy of this with you to expedite check in at the conference. Receipts are automatically generated once we have received payment in full.

If you do not receive either an invoice or confirmation email within 48 hours please contact us.


Credit Cards

If there was an issue with your credit card transaction, you will receive an email indicating that the credit card was declined. This could be for a number of reasons:

  1. incorrectly entered credit card number
  2. incorrectly entered credit card expiration date
  3. incorrectly entered CVS code
  4. the daily spending limit is lower than the amount you are attempting to purchase
  5. the transaction has been flagged by the credit card merchant as possible fraudulent activity.

The fastest way to resolve this is to contact your credit card company and ask if a transaction from CMP Media Black Hat has appeared on the record. If yes, they will be able to tell you why the transaction is declined and help you resolve the issue. Once the issue is resolved, you may call or email us to re-try the credit card.

If the issue is a result of spending limit issues, you must contact the credit card company. Our merchant processing agreement does not allow the transaction amount to be split over several cards.

If the issue is a result of incorrectly entered information, call us with the correct information and we can see if the transaction can be successfully processed.

Once a successful credit card transaction has been made, we will mark your registration as paid and a receipt in the form of a pdf will be sent to you via email.


If you are paying with a check, it may take up to 10 business days for the check to clear the bank. Once the funds have been deposited to our account, we will mark your registration as paid and a receipt in the form of a pdf will be sent to you via email.

Please be sure that your check has been cut to CMP Media-Black Hat and that you cite your order reference number on the check so that your registration may be properly credited. If the check is sent without any way to determine who the payment should be credited to, we cannot credit your account,

Wire Transfers

If you are paying via wire transfer, it is imperative that you complete the wire transfer form that is was sent to you complete the appropriate form and return it to us so that we may credit your registration when the funds are received. Include to cite first 8 digits of your order reference number on all paperwork.

Government Terms

All persons selecting government terms as payment must forward paperwork to us indicating the final method of payment. We must have copies of the forms on record otherwise we will delete the registration.

All inquiries, correspondence and issues related to conference registration should be directed to Black Hat via email
(blackhatregistration at or fax (+1 206 219 4143)
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Questions? See our FAQ.

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