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The Black Hat Europe 2001

Black Hat Europe 2001

Track/Speaker/Topic Presentation Tools
Keynote Presentation - Black Hat Europe 2001
Scott Blake
Politics of Vulnerability Reporting

Wilco van Ginkel
The Other Side of Information Security

Deep Knowledge - Black Hat Europe 2001
Shaun Clowes -
injectso: Modifying and Spying on Running Processes Under Linux

Dale Coddington & Ryan Permeh
Decoding & Understanding Internet Worms

Halvar Flake
Third Generation Exploits on NT/Win2k Platforms

Raymond Forbes
Active Directory and Group Policy

Anders Ingeborn
IDS Evasion Design Tricks for Buffer Overflow Exploits
Tim Mullen
Web Vulnerability & SQL Injection Countermeasures

General Track - Black Hat Europe 2001
Ofir Arkin
X-Remote ICMP Based OS Fingerprinting Techniqu es

Nicolas Fischbach & Sebastian Lacoste-Seris
Protecting your IP Network Infrastructure
Routing Protocol Attacks
JD Glaser & Saumil Udayan Shah
One-Way SQL Hacking

Jeremiah Grossman
Web Application Security

Job de Haas
Mobile Security: SMS and WAP

How We Beat the 5th Argus Hacking Contest

David Litchfield
Hackproofing Lotus Domino

Marc Witteman
Smart Card Security

Panel Discussion
Security Issues in the Infrastructure

Black Hat USA 2001
Black Hat USA 2001

Track/Speaker/Topic Presentation Notes/Tools
Keynote Presentation - Black Hat USA 2001
James Bamford
Researching Secrets, Part II

William Tafoya & Kevin Manson
Career Routing for the Ethical Coder

Luncheon Speakers - Black Hat USA 2001
Bruce Schneier
Paradigms Lost: Engineering vs. Risk Management.

Richard Thieme
Defending the Information Web

Deep Knowledge - Black Hat USA 2001
Ofir Arkin
Introducing X: Playing Tricks with ICMP

White Paper

Halvar Flake
Hit Them Where It hurts: Finding Holes in COTS Software

George Jelatis
Countering the Insider Threat with the Autonomic Distributed Firewall (ADF)

Kevin McPeake
Falling Dominos Part III

Walter Gary Sharp
Key Legal Implications of Computer Network Defense

Lance Spitzner
The HoneyNet Project

Powerpoint, White Papers, Tools

More Technical - Black Hat USA 2001
Iván Arce & Max Caceres
Automated Penetration Testing

Marshall Beddoe & Chris Abad
The Siphon Project.

Mike Beekey
ARP Vulnerabilities: Indefensible Local Network Attacks?

Eric Brandwine & Todd MacDermid
Fnord: A Loadable Kernel Module for Defense and Honeypots

Ian Goldberg
Breaking 802.11 WEP

Powerpoint and Tools
Jeff Nathan & Kevin Depeugh
Layer 2 Attacks

Jose Nazario
The Future of Internet Worms

White Paper
Tim Newsham
Cracking WEP Keys

Daiji Sanai
Promiscuous Node Detection Using ARP Packets

Technical - Black Hat USA 2001
Chip Andrews
SQL Security Revisited

SQL Ping Tool

Scott Blake
DOG of WAR: Attack Box Design

Steven M. Christey
CVE Behind the Scenes: The Complexity of Being Simple

Job de Haas
GSM / WAP / SMS Security

Robert Hansen
Hardening .htaccess Scripts in Apache Environments

Tim Mullen
Grabbing User Credentials via W2k ODBC Libraries

Top 25 Overlooked Security Configurations on Your Switches and rRouters

Cory Scott
Systems Management in an Untrusted Network

Network Diagrams

Chad R. Skipper
Polymorphism and Intrusion Detection Systems

Andrew van der Stock
Alternatives to Honeypots or The dtk

Tools of the Trade - Black Hat USA 2001
Renaud Deraison
The Nessus Project

Powerpoint & Tools

Thomas Olofsson
Building A Blind IP Spoofed Portscanning Tool

Rain Forest Puppy
New Tools at rfp.labs

Martin Roesch

Simple Nomad & Todd Sabin
The RAZOR Warez

White Hat Track - Black Hat USA 2001
Mandy Andress
Wireless LAN Security

Brian Martin & B.K. DeLong
Lessons Learned From

Gregory S. Miles
Computer Forensics: A Critical Process in Your Incident Response Plan

Daniel VanBelleghem
Solving Network Mysteries

Panel: Meet the Press

Black Hat Asia 2001

Black Hat Asia 2001
there are no audio or video files available for this conference

Track/Speaker/Topic Presentation Notes/Tools
Keynote Presentation - Black Hat Asia 2001
Martin Khoo
Post Mortem of a Rootkit Attack

Bruce Schneier
The Three Truths of Computer Security

Deep Knowledge Track - Black Hat Asia 2001
Ofir Arkin
ICMP Usage In Scanning (The Advanced Methods)

Halvar Flake
Finding Holes iIn Closed-source Software (With IDA)

Rain Forest Puppy
Web Assessment Tools

Trust Factory
Falling Dominos

Fyodor Yarochkin & ISS R&D
Non-common Architectures Buffer Overflows

hpux tools

General Track - Black Hat Asia 2001
Shaun Clowes
Breaking In Through The Front Door

Emmanuel Gadaix
Overall Security Review of the GSM Infrastructure

JD Glaser & Saumil Udayan Shah
Web Hacking

David Litchfield
Remote Web Application Disassembly with ODBC Error Messages
Tim Mullen
Restrict Anonymous & the Null User



server trans

Marcus Ranum
IDS Benchmarking

IPSec in a Windows 2000 World


Protocol Basics

Simple Nomad
Stealth Network Techniques

Panel Discussion: Security vs. Privacy

Black Hat Windows 2001

Black Hat Windows Security 2001

Track/Speaker/Topic Presentation Tools
Keynote Presentation - Black Hat Windows 2001
James Bamford, Author of The Puzzle Palace
Researching Secrets, Part 1

Chey Cobb
Why Government Systems Fail at Security

Jeff Jonas
Cops and Robbers - Cheating Las Vegas

Howell McConnell
International Organized Crime and Terrorism

Deep Knowledge - Black Hat Windows 2001
Halvar Flake
Auditing Binaries For Security Vulnerabilities

Kevin McPeake & Wouter Aukema
Falling Domino's

More Technical Track - Black Hat Windows 2001
Chip Andrews
MS SQL Server Security Overview

Ofir Arkin
Active & Passive Fingerprinting of Microsoft Based Operating Systems Using the ICMP Protocol

Erik Birkholz & Clinton Mugge
Terminal Server

Greg Hoglund
Kernel Mode Rootkits

Complete mirror of with source code

Andrey Malyshev
Analysis of Microsoft Office Password Protection System, and Survey of Encryption Holes In Other MS Windows Applications
Paul T. Mobley Sr.
Computer Forensics With An Emphasis On The NT Operating System

Panel Discussion
The Black Hat Time Machine: What Happens Next Year?

Technical Track - Black Hat Windows 2001
Macy Bergoon
Host Based Intrusion Detection Using W2K Auditing Features

Kate Borten
Healthcare and New Federal Security Protections

Todd Feinman & David Goldman
Safeguarding your Business Assets Through Understanding of the Win32API

JD Glaser & Saumil Shah
Web Hacking
Par t 1 Hacking Exposed: E-commerce

JD Glaser & Saumil Shah
Web Hacking Part 1 & 2

David Litchfield
Remote Web Application Disassembly with ODBC Error Messages

Virtual Private Problems

Incident Response in a Microsoft World

Rooster, Dan Kurc & William Dixon
IPSec in a Windows 2000 World

Todd Sabin
Null Sessions, MSRPC, and Windows 2000

Eric Schultz & David LeBlanc
Defense in Depth: Winning in Spite of Yourself (aka "Foiling JD")

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