OPSEC 1 2 3

the grugq | August 2-3 & 4-5

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Learn how to use tradecraft to protect your privacy, and guard your secrets. Conduct a risk assessment on your personal digital footprint, prepare a mitigation security plan, and learn how to execute clandestine operations.

Learn counterintelligence skills and techniques for protecting your secrets against any adversary. The class format uses a combination of lectures, case studies, hands on lab exercises.

Who Should Take This Course

•  I have something I wish to keep private
• I am trusted with something I need to protect
• I often move in unsafe environments
• What I do is not considered legal everywhere I go

Student Requirements

This is a technical course. Students are expected to know how to use install and configure software, and operate a Linux desktop for basic tasks.

What Students Should Bring

Laptop with VirtualBox, VMware, or Parallels. (You will need to boot and run TAILS, ensure you can do this before class).

What Students Will Be Provided With

DVD with reference material, software (and very little to no malware).


the grugq