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Hacking by Numbers: BlackOps

SensePost | July 29-30



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Hacking By Numbers "BlackOps Edition" is a student’s final course in the Hacking By Numbers series before being deployed into "Combat." In BlackOps, students will sharpen their skills in real-world scenarios before being shipped off to battle. BlackOps covers tools and techniques to brush up your skills on data exfiltration, privilege escalation, pivoting, client-side attacks and harnessing OSINT. Students will also focus on practical elements of attacking commonly found systems and staying under the radar. After completing BlackOps students are considered weaponized and ready for the final and most intense course in the HBN series: Combat.

Some of the Topics Include

Why We Love This Course

BlackOps takes all the skills you’ve picked up attending our Cadet and Bootcamp course and puts them into action. We look at what you do once you’ve found a vulnerability from a post exploitation point of view and also how you’d get data out without tripping any alarms. It’s the final course before going into our hardest HBN course: Combat.


BlackOps naturally follows directly from Bootcamp Edition, and prepares students for Combat Edition - our ultimate hands-on course. BlackOps should not be your first hacking course, but can be taken back-to-back with Bootcamp or with Combat, depending on your existing level of experience. Although prior participation in an HBN course is not a prerequisite, significant exposure to hacking training, tools and techniques is highly recommended.

What We'll Provide

SensePost will provide fully configured laptops for use during training. Each student will also receive a course handbook and a USB drive with all the tools, scripts and materials used on the course.

What Students Should Bring

None, laptops will be supplied containing all tools and images required to complete this course.


All of SensePost’s Hacking By Numbers trainers are working penetration testers or developers. This gives us a unique perspective and allows us to bring hacks from the real-world to the classroom. What we perform for our clients often makes it into our HBN courses as modules, keeping them fresh and relevant. We love teaching and have been doing so for Black Hat for over a decade now. Our courses are hands on, fun to do and also show real-world scenarios that students will encounter.