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San Jose, CA, June 1, 1998 -- Secure Computing Corporation (NASDAQ: SCUR) today announced that Black Hat Briefings '98, the exclusive security conference, will take place from July 29-30, 1998 at the Plaza Hotel in downtown Las Vegas.

This second annual conference brings corporate and government engineers and software programmers face-to-face with today's cutting edge computer security experts and "underground" security specialists for two days of intensive discussions on who's breaking in, how they are doing it, and what can be done to stop them.

The conference, sponsored by Secure Computing, was created to fill the need of computer professionals to better understand the security risks to their computer and information infrastructures by potential threats.

To do this, Secure assembles a group of vendor neutral security professionals at the same forum, where they will candidly discuss and debate the problems businesses face, and the solutions they see to those problems. Black Hat is not for security dilettantes or marketers looking to hawk their vendors' wares -- just straight talk by people who make it their business to explore the ever-changing security space.

Spanning two days with two separate tracks, Black Hat Briefings '98 will focus on the vital security issues facing organizations with large Enterprise network and mixed network operating systems. Topics will include how to detect and repel attacks on a network, secure programming techniques and tool selection for creating and effectively monitoring secure networks.

Black Hat's intense sessions will bring to light the security problems confronting organizations and network administrators, most of which go unnoticed by today's preoccupied system administrators, who are often more worried about network growth, updates and Y2K problems.

Running the conference is Jeff Moss, Secure's Director of Assessment Services. Prior to joining Secure, Moss was at Ernst & Young, LLP., where he was a manager in the Information Security Services (ISS) group. While at Ernst & Young, Moss successfully performed computer intrusions on large company computer and phone networks to highlight weaknesses and provide solutions.

Moss also successfully owned and operated DEF CON Communications, a computer consulting company that focused on network security solutions. For the last five years, Moss has run the DEF CON Convention in Las Vegas, the annual computer security convention that combines law enforcement, corporate America, and "hackers" from around the world.

"It is crucial that we continue to educate organizations on the risks they face daily. Network security breaches are real, and are costing organizations millions of dollars every year," said Moss. "While much of the buzz about the Year 2000 problem is warranted, it really won't matter if a corporation's network is rendered ineffective by hacker attacks and intrusions. That is why a forum like Black Hat Briefings '98 is so important to educating businesses and governments about the very real threats that are out there."

Who Speaks, Who Attends?

The Black Hat Briefings are attended by a mix of government and corporate security experts. CIOs are encouraged to attend, but they should bring the people implementing their network strategies and building their applications, because this conference is for both policy maker and policy implementor.

Presenters range from corporate and government security system managers to master hackers themselves, including Dr. Mudge, one of the prominent members of the hacker group 'The L0pht', who is responsible for numerous advisories and tools in use in both the black hat and white hat communities; and Peter Shipley, who is well known and respected in the professional world as well as the underground and hacker community and whose specialties are third party penetration testing and firewall review, computer risk assessment, and security training.

More Information, and How to Register

Detailed information on The Black Hat Briefings, including a speaker's schedule, biographies of presenters, and information on how to register and reserve hotel rooms, can be found at, or via Secure Computing's Web site ( Registration costs are $995 US before July 10th 1998. Late registration fees are $1,195 after July 10th.

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