Black Hat //Webcast 30

Android Security Overview, Threats, and Best Practices
// Stuart O. Anderson

thursday, june 23, 2011

0900 HRS PDT/ 1200 HRS EDT • FREE

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Android Security Overview, Threats, and Best Practices

Android Security Overview, Threats, and Best Practices


With the Black Hat USA event just around the corner and Android quickly becoming a new prime stomping ground for all manner of malware, of Whisper Systems will be giving an in-depth discussion on the Android Security Model, along with the current threats, defenses and best practices. Don't let your droid wander around in the wild. You never know who's looking for them.

Here is a quick outline of the topics Stuart will cover:

A Security Oriented Overview of Android

  • System Architecture
  • Controlled Data Access
    • Content Providers
    • Permissions Whitelist
  • Process Separation
    • Zygote
    • Intents
    • Dalvik VM and Native Code
    • UIG:GID
    • IBinder
  • Bionic
  • Kernel Changes
    • ashmem
  • Structural/Market Issues
    • OEM/Carriers push updates VERY slowly
    • Orphaned devices
    • Provisioning
      • Market
      • Code signing model
      • Remote pull and push


    • Leaky apps
      • Location, Contacts, SD/Card, SMS database
      • Authtokens problem
      • Data leaving the device
      • Permissions Granularity
    • GSM weaknesses
    • Remote exploits
      • Prelinked binaries, apriori linker is non-relocatable
      • No sandbox, arbitrary native code
    • Device loss
    • Privilege Elevation
      • App to app
      • App to OS

    Solutions and Best Practices

    • Data protection
      • Dynamic information flow tracking
      • Fine grained permissions enforcement
        • service spoofing
    • Dynamic firewall / egress filtering
    • Intrusion detection
    • App layer encryption
      • Voice
      • SMS/MMS
      • Email
    • Exploit mitigation techniques
      • Retouching
      • NX bits
    • Device Loss
      • Enchanced Screenlock
      • Disk Encryption
      • Secure Backup and Remote Wipe


    Stuart O. Anderson is co-founder of Whisper Systems, where he designs mobile security and management solutions for the enterprise. Before founding Whisper Systems he worked with Moxie Marlinspike as a fellow at the Institute for Disruptive Studies, where he applied a background in robotics, applied math, systems integration, and machine learning.

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    Horan most recently spearheaded development of WebVerify, the company’s solution for automated Web Application Security testing, WebVerify goes beyond testing the web application to illustrate how vulnerabilities in the web application can lead to exposures in the connected environment. Having worked previously in operational security roles for a range of large and mid-sized companies, Alex has over 15 years of experience working with hardware and software-based security tools, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing technologies, and systems and network administration and auditing.


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