Black Hat //Webcast 29

PlayStation Network Attack Vectors Expanded
// Chris 't0ph' Lytle

wednesday, june 1, 2011

1300 hrs PST/ 1600 hrs EST • FREE

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The recent breaches of Sony's PlayStation Network are a hot button topic. What these breaches mean for both Sony and consumers largely depends on how they happened. In this webcast we will look at the possibilities surrounding the initial breach, what has happened since, and what effects they will likely have.


Chris 't0ph' Lytle is a security researcher at Veracode. He holds a BS in Information Assurance and Security Engineering from DePaul University, where he was a frequent speaker. He spoke at BSides Las Vegas 2010 and Black Hat 2010 on the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. Chris also coordinated the puzzles at SOURCE Boston 2011.