The Best Way to Catch a Thief

Thursday, December 3, 2015

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST

60 minutes, including Q&A

The Best Way to Catch a Thief - by Ty Miller
The Best Way to Catch a Thief - by Patrick Bedwell

What is the best way to catch a thief? Once upon a time we relied upon manual document analysis. Then fingerprinting and DNA techniques were developed. Cameras allowed us to move into the digital age. Now consumers can track thieves via GPS coordinates sent to the cloud from their stolen devices.

So what is the best way to catch a cyber thief? The long evolution of threat detection techniques has one thing in common; not one source of truth provides the sole piece of evidence to tell us the whole story. To detect a threat in an effective way, we must have a clear model that maps who our threats are, the intent of these threat actors, the types of attacks they are likely to perform, the techniques to exfiltrate our data or escape our containment measures, and finally what pieces of digital DNA that we need to aggregate, correlate and analyze in order to not only detect the threat, but also tell the whole story of how your database ended up on Pastebin.

We often think that we are finished, but in reality this is just the start. A missing threat detection strategy, a lack of detailed attack knowledge, and ineffective security implementations often let us down. We will investigate these areas to provide a clearer insight into the areas that you need to enhance to detect threats more accurately.

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Ty Miller

Ty Miller

Ty Miller is the Director of Threat Intelligence, who are specialists in the area of Managed Intelligence services, penetration testing, and specialist security consulting.

He is the creator of "Threat Analytics" that automatically identifies hackers on your websites, classifies and tracks them across the world, automatically responds, and alerts you to pending attacks against your websites before they have been launched.

Sponsor Presenter:

Patrick Bedwell

Patrick Bedwell

Patrick Bedwell has 17 years of experience in the network security and network management industries. He is the Vice President of Product Marketing at AlienVault, responsible for creating and executing the go-to-market strategy for AlienVault's Unified Security Management products. Previously, Patrick was VP of Product Marketing at Fortient and has held product marketing and product management leadership positions at Arcot Systems, McAfee, SecurityFocus, Network ICE and Network General. Patrick earned an MBA with honors from Santa Clara University and a BA degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley.

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