Network Security Attacks: Dismantling DDoS - Lessons in Scaling

Thursday, August 17, 2023

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

60 minutes, including Q&A

DDoS attacks remain an enduring network security and cybercrime problem. This is particularly significant in the context of a Zero Trust framework.

Though elusive and seemingly untraceable, DDoS is nevertheless one of the most quantifiable types of cybercrime. Because most types of DDoS rely upon the abuse of third-party devices or services, it is possible to determine general global trends accurately - how many attacks, of what type, and against what targets. Overlaying such data against time, economic data, and geopolitical events offers insight into where DDoS and other related crime types are heading.

For many years, various law enforcement organizations, including the FBI and DOJ, have sought to combat the power and availability of DDoS tools. Now, for the first time, learn about a series of complex takedown operations which targeted top DDoS-for-hire services. Beginning in 2018, and continuing through a Christmas 2022 DDoS service takedown, the FBI and DOJ have sought to rapidly identify top DDoS services, attribute their operators, and work proactively with authorities worldwide to dismantle these services. Learn how these services are monetized, the demographics of their customer base, and insights gleaned from reviewing years' worth of DDoS attack records.

The availability and accessibility of DDoS services, like many crime services, have only increased in recent years. Presenters will discuss methods that DOJ and FBI employ to scale the impact and reach of investigations, including how to integrate the newest academic research on cybercrime into the investigative workflow.

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Elliott Peterson

Special Agent


Elliott Peterson is a Special Agent in the FBI's Anchorage Field Office. A member of the Computer Intrusion Squad, he is responsible for investigating complex botnets, high dollar account takeover fraud, and Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Prior to joining the FBI, Elliott worked in Higher Education and served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Dickinson College and a Master's Degree in Crime Analysis from Tiffin University.

Tom Roeh

Sales Engineering Director


Tom currently leads the Public Sector technical team at ExtraHop Networks as Director of Systems Engineering. He has spent most of his 20-year career looking at networks, protocols, and packets in one way or another. Tom has a passion for utilizing data-driven techniques to solve the complex problems faced by modern IT practitioners. When he's not working with ExtraHop's expansive customer base, he is deeply involved in developing and defining automated techniques for threat detection, and currently holds two patents related to passive network detection techniques. Tom was an early responder to Wannacry and wrote the award-winning Ransomware Module for ExtraHop (www.extrahop.com/company/blog/2016/ransomware-detection-ransomware-prevention-methods/).

Prior to ExtraHop, Tom held various sales and engineering leadership roles at Riverbed and OPNET Technologies.

Tom resides in Houston, TX along with his wife and three daughters. He remains actively involved with his alma mater Texas A&M (Electrical Engineering), and can be found most weekends cheering his Aggies on to victory.

Steve Paul


Black Hat

Sustaining Partners