Insider 35P10N463

Thursday, June 21, 2018

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

60 minutes, including Q&A

This is The Golden Age of Espionage, which is mostly due to Internet-enabled 35P10N463. However, despite the power of network hacking, the most current, accurate, and sensitive information held by a target enterprise is often found in the head of an insider. So, throughout history, intelligence agencies, and some corporations, have risked human lives to insert or co-opt a well-placed insider - some of whom have been put to death, such was the perceived degree of their treachery.

This presentation has two parts. First, the insider: we will examine famous spies, missions, and exploits, focusing on the acquisition, exfiltration, and transfer of digital information. Second, the enterprise: how you can create policy, system controls, audit trails, and the secret sauce needed to catch an 1N51D3R.

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Guest Speaker:

Kenneth Geers

Kenneth Geers

Kenneth Geers (PhD, CISSP): Comodo Senior Research Scientist, NATO Cyber Centre Ambassador, Atlantic Council Senior Fellow, Digital Society Institute-Berlin Affiliate, TSN University of Kyiv Professor. 20 years US Government (US Army, NSA, NCIS, NATO); FireEye Senior Global Threat Analyst. Author "Strategic Cyber Security", Editor "Cyber War in Perspective", Editor "The Virtual Battlefield", Technical Expert "Tallinn Manual", many articles and chapters on international and cyber security.

Sponsor Speaker:

Setu Kulkarni

Setu Kulkarni

Setu Kulkarni, VP Product & Corporate Strategy, WhiteHat Security, is responsible for product vision, strategy, and direction at WhiteHat Security. Setu joined the WhiteHat leadership team in early 2016 after a 10+ year stint at TIBCO Software Inc., where he most recently led product management and strategy for the Operational Intelligence product portfolio. During his many years at TIBCO, he led a variety of strategic and operational initiatives – building the SOA platform for the Integration and BPM businesses, building the business launch platform for TIBCO's cloud business, mainstreaming the LogLogic acquisition, and developing the next-gen ITOA offering.

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