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Secure Computing Corporation

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Secure Computing Corporation provides a trusted, comprehensive offering of interoperable, standards-based products for end-to-end network solutions including firewalls, Web filtering, identification, authentication, authorization, encryption, extranet technologies and professional services.

Secure Computing has a worldwide presence in financial services, telecom, aerospace, manufacturing, and hi-tech industries, ranging Fortune 1000 companies to service providers and government agencies. More information is over the Internet at or by calling: in the U.S. 800-379-4944 or 408-918-6100; in Europe +44-1753-826000; in Asia/Pacific +61-2-9844-5440.

Network Flight Recorder
Network Flight Recorder

Network Flight Recorder builds traffic analysis and monitoring tools that help you see how your network is being used.  Nobody's network is shrinking or getting less complicated - and networking is becoming the lifeblood of many modern businesses.  In other words, your job is getting harder and more important.  Network Flight Recorder's monitoring package gives you a flexible, user-programmable system that lets you: Recover or monitor online transaction records, keep historical statistics about how your network grows, generate detailed breakdowns of how your network services are being used and by whom, watch for patterns of abuse of network resources and identify the culprit in real-time, set burglar alarms that alert you to security violations or unexpected changes in your network, log and monitor who went where on your network, and
replay attackers' sessions and learn what they did.

Knowledge is power, and knowing what's going on within your network is the key to keeping it operating smoothly. Like our namesake, the aircraft flight recorder, our system records the information you want about what happened when, where, and how. If you need to go back and look at a reliable record of events, your Network Flight Recorder is the first place to check. 

We are dedicated to providing the best possible tools for understanding your network traffic, so you can maintain it and secure it. 

Aventail Corporation
Aventail Corporation

Aventail Corporation has developed a comprehensive Virtual Private Network solution that enables organizations to share information with customers, suppliers, strategic partners, and mobile/remote employees to conduct secure e-business over the Internet.  While maintaining a high level of security, corporations can develop stronger business relationships and forge closer
ties with individuals who need access to confidential information or resources on their network. Aventail VPN is ideal for corporations looking for a VPN solution that is more than an encrypted tunnel because it addresses the security, management, and deployment issues that are critical in determining the viability and success of an e-business VPN.

As opposed to a device-to-device connection, which is a common offering from most network VPN vendors, Aventail securely connects people to resources through user-based authentication, sophisticated access controls, and intelligent filtering. Deployment is simple because Aventail VPN makes no modification to the desktop and works with any router, ISP, and firewall.

Aventail Corporation can be contacted by phone: (888) SOCKSV5 (762-5785), fax: (206) 215-1120, or email:  Aventailās web address is

Counterpane Systems
Counterpane Systems

Counterpane Systems is a cryptography and computer security consulting firm. We are a virtual company based in Minneapolis, with three full-time employees and six part-time contractors.  Counterpane provides expert consulting on Design and Analysis.  This is the majority of
Counterpane's work: making and breaking commercial cryptographic systems and system designs.  We can analyze all aspects of a security system, from the threat model to the cryptographic algorithms, and from the protocols to the implementation and procedures.  Our detailed reports provide clients with information on security problems as well as suggested fixes.