Executive Briefings


This exclusive gathering of top corporate and government decision makers provides direct, focused access to the security researchers and technology specialists who drive Black Hat's industry-driving content. This is the deep, technical material that sets the security threat agenda for the coming year. The security breaks that shake the industry are announced at Black Hat, but the day before they are announced, Executive Briefing attendees get the topline preview directly from the research community.

The Executive Briefings rate is $2,595.00 and includes full access to the Black Hat USA Briefings July 25-26.

The fifth annual Black Hat Executive Briefing will take place for a full day on Tuesday July 24, 2012, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada–one day prior to the main Black Hat Briefings

Who Will Attend

One hundred and twenty executives from Global 2000 corporations and Federal agencies are invited to attend a full day of high-level discussions about topics unique to Black Hat. Past attendees have included executives from the Air Force, Apple, AT&T, Barclays, Boeing, California, DoD, DHS, eBay, Facebook, FBI, Hersheys, IRS, ING, Microsoft, NASA, NSA,. Schwab, Time Warner and Verizon.


The morning sessions will preview the most important technical discussions planned for the main Black Hat Briefings. Lead by Jeff Moss, founder of Black Hat and DEF CON, these previews will enable executives to discuss the implications of the newest vulnerabilities and attacks with their peers and the actual researchers. Executives can then use this knowledge to prepare their teams ahead of time and direct their technical experts to the most important research being released.

As an attendee, you'll have opportunities for discussion with presenters and peers, plus the chance to ask "threat direction" questions. Those questions will be funneled to the appropriate Black Hat speakers to discussion in the afternoon.

The afternoon sessions will further include strategic discussions around the latest threats to the public and private sectors and long-term countermeasures to be taken into consideration. Round out the afternoon with cocktails followed by a dinner in one of the great restaurants housed in the Caesar's complex.

After the Executive Briefing dinner, executives are invited to mingle with speakers at the Black Hat VIP Party until midnight.

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The Executive Briefings rate is $2595.00 and includes full access to the Black Hat USA Briefings July 25-26.

Note: All delegates registering for the Executive Briefings go through an approval process, with access being granted only to top-level executives from Global 2000 corporations and Federal agencies.

If you would like to upgrade your Black Hat USA Delegate Registration to include the Executive Briefings please contact the registration team at (415) 947-6011 or toll free at (866) 203-8081, Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm PST.