Hacking by Numbers: Cadet Edition


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USA 2011 Weekend Training Session //July 30-31


Cadet Edition is an introductory course for technical people with no previous experience in the world of hacking. The course will present you with background information, technical skills and basic concepts required to get you going. This includes some coding and scripting, networking and Internet technologies, basic methodologies, essential thinking skills, tools and current hacking techniques. The course has been updated to accommodate the latest technologies and trends.

Cadet Edition is the ideal training ground to prepare you for the HBN Bootcamp, further self-study or other hacking courses.

Topics include:

  • An introduction to hacker thinking
  • Method-based hacking
  • Essential technologies from a hacker perspective
  • Basic coding for hackers
  • An introduction to hacker tools and techniques
  • Real-world exercises and capture-the-flag


This course is the first in the Hacking By Numbers series. It's aimed at beginners and serves to prepare students for the Bootcamp Edition. Cadet and Bootcamp Edition can be taken back-to-back. There is a small amount overlap between the courses but they have been carefully designed to provide a congruent learning experience.

Who Should Attend:

Information security officers, system and network administrators, security consultants, government agencies and other nice people will all benefit from the valuable insights provided by this class.


Cadet Edition is designed for technical people who have no skill or experience in hacking. The course remains technical however, and students are expected to have a solid practical grasp of computer operating systems, networks and databases. SensePost will provide fully configured laptop computers as well as CDs with all the tools and materials used in the course.

What to bring:

Just Yourself. All necessary equipment will be provided, including pre-configured laptops, tools and utilities.

Free Additional Tools Workshop:

After the first day of the course SensePost offers a free additional workshop on using their suite of hacking tools, including Wikto, Aura, Suru, Crowbar, BidiBLAH and others, copies of which will be distributed to all students. The tools workshop is open to all attendees of any SensePost course and run in the evening after training on Saturday July 31 and August 2. Precise times and locations will be announced during the training courses.

Course Developer:

Charl van der Walt is a founding member and managing director of SensePost, a leading international information security services provider. Pretoria-based Charl regularly presents courses and lectures for companies, conferences and universities around the world. He is frequently published and has co-authored four books on information security and computer hacking.

Course Trainers:

SensePost proposes to use experienced world-class technicians with extensive training experience. The course will be presented by one of the following course leaders:

Jurgens van der Merwe is a Lead Security Analyst with SensePost.

His focus is that of penetration testing large network infrastructures, thick applications, web applications and platforms. His enthusiasm for all aspects of information security ensures he is also involved in various research projects in these areas. Jurgens is a regular member on teams delivering the Hacking by Numbers training courses at Black Hat and elsewhere.

Willem Mouton hails from a development background and is responsible for developing most of SensePost�s internal tools. With his mind-set being very much that of a builder, his skills at penetration testing ensure he gains root on many assessments, due to him knowing where weaknesses are often introduced during the development phase.

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