SAP Security In-Depth //UPDATED 2011

Mariano Nuñez Di Croce & Juan Pablo Perez Etchegoyen

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USA 2011 Weekday Training Session //August 1-2


Have you ever wondered whether your business-critical SAP implementation was secure? Do you know how to check it? Have you imagined which could be the impact of an attack to your core business platform? Do you know how to prevent it? This training is the answer to these questions.

For many years, SAP security has been a synonym of "segregation of duties" or "securing roles and profiles". While this kind of security is mandatory and of absolute importance, there are many threats that have been so far overlooked and are even more dangerous, such as the possibility of taking remote control of the entire SAP landscape without having any user in any system.

This training will help you to fill this knowledge gap, allowing you to understand the involved threats and risks and how to mitigate them. You will review the whole picture, from the security of the Environment and the SAP application-level gateways (SAProuter, Webdispatcher), through the assessment and hardening of the Operating Systems and Databases and their interaction with the SAP systems up to the security of the SAP Application Layer: Authentication, User security, Password Policies, Authorization subsystem, Interface Security, Web applications Security, Backdoors, ABAP (in)security, Auditing, Monitoring and more!

The training is organized with many hands-on exercises, which will help you grasp practical knowledge quickly. You will learn how to assess the security of an SAP implementation and then secure the critical security gaps you discovered. You will be able to learn how to use different SAP security tools, as well as Bizploit, the first opensource ERP Penetration Testing framework, developed by the instructor.

The training also provides a quick introduction to basic SAP concepts, which allows non-SAP security professionals to follow the course smoothly.

Required Equipment:

  • Personal laptop
  • SSH client


Mariano Nuñez Di Croce is the Director of Research and Development at Onapsis. Mariano has a long experience as a Senior Security Consultant, mainly involved in security assessments and vulnerability research. He has discovered critical vulnerabilities in SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM applications.

Mariano leads the SAP Security Team at Onapsis, where he works hardening and assessing the security of critical SAP implementations in world-wide organizations. He is the author and developer of the first open-source SAP & ERP Penetration Testing Frameworks and has discovered more than 50 vulnerabilities in SAP applications. Mariano is also the lead author of the "SAP Security In-Depth" publication and founding member of BIZEC, the Business Security community.

Mariano has been invited to hold presentations and trainings in many international security conferences such as BlackHat DC/USA/EU, HITB Dubai/EU, DeepSec, Troopers, Ekoparty, Sec-T, and as well as to host private trainings for Fortune-100 companies and defense contractors. He has also been interviewed and quoted in mainstream media such as Reuters, IDG, NY Times, PCWorld, eWeek and others.

Juan Pablo Perez Etchegoyen is a senior security consultant and researcher at Onapsis. His consulting experience comprise working in security assessments for world-wide companies in Europe, US and Latin America. In the research field, he is specialized in SAP, Oracle and JD Edwards platforms, having discovered several security vulnerabilities in them. Juan Pablo is also the Product Manager of Onapsis X1, being actively involved in its development. He also held several trainings regarding Penetration Testing, Database security and SAP security (BlackHat, HITB and Ekoparty).

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