Mobile Hacking


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Participants will be introduced to multiple smartphone / tablet technologies which include iOS devices (iPad and iPhones), Android and Blackberry. They will have opportunity to "pwn" operating systems, audit mobile apps, leverage mobile forensics and 'fully' administer network based attacks.

Intros into

  • Blackberry BBX Attack Vectors
  • Android Xsploit D3v
  • Tinkering with Software Design Radio
  • Harnessing the 'power' of Gnuradio and OpenBTS
  • iPhone & iPad Mod'n.

Student Requirements, experience/expertise

  • Open, hungry h4x0r mindset
  • Mac, Linux and Windows experience helpful

Student Requirements, equipment/software students must furnish (be very specific)

  • 1. The Trainer uses a Mac Book Pro, running Lion (10.7.2), 8 Gig of RAM, with the latest VMFusion installed. Windows 7 or XP laptop with the latest version of VMWare installed may work, but Mac based exercises will need to be observed.
  • 2. Around 50 Gig of drive space is needed for VM image, toolz and other 'stuff'.
  • 3. Participants will have to bring their own lab smartphones / tablets and use at their own 'risk'. Though unlikely, one such risk is that your device may get 'bricked' in a lab exercise and may not function ever again. Caution will be given for specific labs.


Blake Turrentine has been a penetration tester for more than a decade working for a variety of customers. In performing security work for several Telcos over the years, projects have included lab research, device testing and infrastructure hacking.

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