Don A. Bailey

Capitol Hill Consultants, LLC

Don A. Bailey is a founding partner of Capitol Hill Consultants, LLC. Don has discovered many unknown security vulnerabilities in well used software, analyzed new and proprietary protocols for design and implementation flaws, and helped design and integrate security solutions for up and coming internet software.

While Don's primary expertise is in developing exploit technologies, he is also well versed at reverse engineering, fuzzing, enterprise and embedded programming, source code auditing, rootkit detection and design, and network penetration testing. In addition, Don has helped develop and enhance risk management programs for several Fortune 500 companies and has been invited to speak about risk management from a CISO perspective at government organized conferences.

For the past six years, Don has presented research at several international security conferences discussing topics such as stealth root-kit design, zero-day exploit technology, telephony security, and most recently, machine to machine security. In the past year, Don has given lectures at Black Hat Barcelona 2011, Black Hat Las Vegas 2011, SyScan Singapore 2011, and Hack In The Box KL 2011, regarding vulnerabilities in embedded architectures and wide spread machine to machine vulnerabilities.

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