John Ortiz

John Ortiz

Harris IT Services

Mr. Ortiz is currently a senior computer engineer for Harris IT Services (HITS) and in this position researches and develops advanced cyber security tools and techniques. These include high bandwidth network data extraction and statistical analysis software for malicious file detection. Prior to Harris IT Services, he worked for SRA International and researched data hiding, covert botnets, and malware analysis techniques. Prior to SRA, he spent 5 years at General Dynamics developing source code analyzers, reverse engineering tools, and network security software.

In a second role, Mr. Ortiz developed and teaches a Steganography course for the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). It covers a broad spectrum of data hiding techniques in both the spatial and transform domains as well as watermarking, covert channels and steganalysis. For the course, Mr. Ortiz developed several steganographic programs for testing and analysis.

He holds two masters degrees from the Air Force Institute of Technology, one in Electrical Engineering and one in Computer Engineering and a BSEE from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

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