Call for Papers Official Terms

CFP (Call for Papers) opens on October 8, 2013

CFP for Black Hat Asia 2014 closes November 8, 2013

Acceptance or Denial notifications will be issued no later than November 26, 2013

Terms are subject to change


  1. The original author(s) of presentations must submit for the Call for Papers. Third parties such as PR firms or Speaker Representatives may not submit materials on behalf of a potential speaker.
  2. Full conference passes are given only to those who actively participate as speakers on accepted presentations. Additional speakers must be listed as a part of the submitted Call for Papers applications prior to the close of the CFP.
    • Conference passes are non-transferable.
    • Co-workers, PR representatives, press, etc. must register and pay the appropriate fees.
  3. The Black Hat Review Board will have access to review submitted application and materials.
    • Review Board and Speaker Proctor access to submissions is provisioned under NDA with Black Hat and UBM-Tech.
    • Reviews, Acceptances and/or Declines are conducted on a rolling basis.
    • All correspondence and queries should be sent to
    • Prospective speakers should not directly reach out to any Black Hat Review Board members regarding the status of submissions or feedback.
  4. By submitting via the Black Hat Call for Papers system Speakers understand and agree to the terms as detailed in this section and subsequent sections of this document.
  5. Black Hat will provide one LCD projector, one screen, one wired Ethernet connection and one wired microphone (if applicable) for the onsite presentation.
    • Speakers are responsible for providing all other necessary equipment, including laptops and machines for their presentation.
  6. If the presentation is deemed to be a work of plagiarism or a blatant vendor pitch, Black Hat may revoke the Speaker’s honorarium and the Speaker will not be considered for future speaking opportunities.
  7. Part of speaking at Black Hat requires understanding that our speakers represent the brand and the community we love. All participants must work together to provide value to their fellow attendees, speakers, corporate sponsors, as well as volunteers and staff at the show. Please act accordingly.
  8. Black Hat reserves the right to change scheduled speaking times* as required. While every effort will be made to honor assigned times, Speakers may be called upon present at any time during the show.
  9. Black Hat reserves the right to rescind an accepted submission without reason.

* We request that Speakers make every effort to be available throughout the conference (with the understanding that Speakers have other commitments and interests) to interact with attendees as well as be available in case there is a schedule change.


Submissions that include White Papers will be given first priority and consideration for review.

Submitted proposals will receive a “Your submission for Black Hat Asia 2014 has been received” email notification generally within 48-72 hours of receipt of the submission. After selections have been completed you will receive an email confirmation of acceptance or rejection.

Speakers will be contacted if there are any questions about their presentations. If your talk is accepted, you can continue to modify and evolve it up until the materials due date, at which time it is frozen for the printed and other conference materials.

Presentations which demonstrate proprietary tool(s) must provide a copy of the tool(s) for distribution on the Black Hat CD and web site. All sources of information, software, etc. should be properly cited.

Things that get our attention:

Original content or research that has been created specifically for Black Hat and has not been seen before always gets extra priority as well as demonstrations involving new material, or a new way of presenting information to the attendees.

Please ensure your submissions have detailed bibliographies acknowledging prior work in the space, distinguishing or highlighting how your presentation is different. We believe this is important to help move the security community to a more professional and respected position, as well as make all of our work easier to reference for those seeking to understand prior art.

Note: By speaking at the Black Hat Briefings you are granting Black Hat permission to reproduce, distribute, advertise and show your presentation including but not limited to, printed and/or electronic ads, fliers, mailers, etc.


If you are going to announce or demonstrate a new tool as the primary focus of your talk, that tool must be made available to conference attendees. We don't want a room full of people all excited about what you have demonstrated only to learn the tool is $12,000 and not available to the general public.

Delegates expect to receive copies of your presentation, a White Paper supporting your work, RFC's and tools/code (if applicable). Presentations and White Papers should reference the tool(s), law(s), web site(s) or publication(s) mentioned. This bibliography will greatly help attendees who wish to learn more about your subject, but are not sure where to start. Please do not disappoint them, be mindful of the deadlines as specified in the CFP Terms and Conditions as well as the CFP Letter of Acceptance.

Black Hat expects speakers to be available throughout the event to meet and mingle with attendees. Attendees want to meet the Speakers and ask questions. Please advise conference management of time constraints when submitting your materials.

* Assume that the attendees already understand the basic concepts regarding your topic. For example, if you are talking about cryptography, assume that everyone knows the difference between public key vs. secret key algorithms. Black Hat is known as a technical security conference, and demands more detail from their speakers.


  1. Black Hat requires that submitted work has not been previously published elsewhere, or if it has, that speakers have obtained permission for its publication by Black Hat and will promptly supply wording for crediting the original publication and copyright owner.
  2. If selected for presentation, Speakers understand that Black Hat will potentially duplicate, record and redistribute the presentation, conference proceedings, conference materials, video, audio, etc.
  3. These requirements will be further detailed in the Speaker Agreement that you will be required to sign if you are selected.


Signed Speaker Agreement Within 14 days of Acceptance
Detailed biography Within 14 days of Acceptance
Self-booked travel (required if requesting reimbursement) Within 14 days of Acceptance
Completed W9 or W8 Within 14 days of Acceptance
Photo headshot Within 14 days of Acceptance
Completed White Paper 11 March 2014
Completed presentation / slide deck 11 March 2014
If a submission included the release of a tool, Speakers will submit a working version of the tool for publication on the website and conference CD 11 March 2014
Change of address and wire information due 28 Mar 2014
If applicable, Speakers will submit updated/revised/edited versions of the presentation, white paper, and a copy of the tool(s) and/or code, and a reference to all of the tool(s), law(s), Web sites and/or publications referenced to at the end of the talk and as described in this CFP submission for publication on the Black Hat website 19 Mar 2014
Travel receipts (required for reimbursement) 28 Mar 2014
Content Embargo Date- the accepted submission will not be presented at another conference or event, public or private, from the date of acceptance for two weeks after the event without prior permission in writing from Black Hat.** 14 Apr 2014

**The content embargo date exists for several reasons. One reason is the level of marketing investment that Black Hat makes in our researchers and their presentations. Black Hat provides a unique forum and audience for 'never seen before' content. Connecting compelling presentations with audiences who value them depends greatly upon the uniqueness and exclusivity of the content. Another key component is managing repeated content at other events in proximity to the show. As conference organizers, we strive to manage content exposure, maintaining the level of quality and exclusivity our audience demands. Please email to request approval to present this content at another event.


Briefings Speaker (25 minute) Criteria: Open to both new speakers and those who have previously presented at Black Hat
Black Hat will pay a speaking honorarium of $500 USD and;
One Briefings pass per Speaker(s)
Briefings Speaker (50 minute) Criteria: Never previously presented at Black Hat before
Black Hat will pay for one Speaker’s coach-class round-trip airfare and;
One hotel room for four nights and;
A speaking honorarium of $500 USD
One Briefings pass per Speaker(s)
Veteran Briefings Speaker (50 minute) Criteria: Prior Black Hat Speaker (either as a Trainer or Briefings Speaker) or specifically invited to speak by the General Manager
Black Hat will pay for one Speaker’s coach class round-trip airfare and;
One hotel room for four nights and;
A speaking honorarium of $1000 USD
One Briefings pass per Speaker(s)
Briefings Workshop Speaker (120+ minute) Criteria: Specifically applied to present a workshop
Black Hat will pay for one Speaker’s coach class round-trip airfare and;
One hotel room for four nights and;
A speaking honorarium of $1,000 USD per hour and;
One Briefings pass per Speaker(s)
Sponsor Employed Speakers (60 minute) Criteria: Open to both new speakers and those who have previously presented at Black Hat
The presentation is not a vendor pitch.
MUST use the Black Hat provided slide template
Employer logo on two slides: Introduction and Biography
Employer's name will be used only in relation to work, demo,
or tool and NOT used as a vendor pitch or product sale
If the Employer or Speaker do not agree and fail to meet the above or it is deemed that the talk is a vendor pitch, then the Speaker WAIVES the right to any compensation for travel, accommodations, or honorarium
Black Hat to pay for one Speaker’s coach class round-trip airfare and;
One hotel room for four nights and;
A speaking honorarium ($500 USD for new, or $1000 USD for returning Black Hat Speakers)


  1. Only coach class fares are eligible for reimbursement.
  2. There is a cap of $1000 USD on round trip itineraries for events held within the US; and $1,500 USD for events held outside of the US.
  3. There is a cap of $500 USD on one-way itineraries.
  4. Itinerary must be round trip with arrival to the venue city for the event.
  5. Itinerary must be booked no later than 2 weeks from the date on the Letter of Acceptance.
  6. A valid receipt in the form of a travel agency issued air itinerary and/or ticket receipt with the airfare and itinerary with date of purchase printed on it is required.
  7. The purchaser of the airfare ticket must be the same as the person to be reimbursed.
  8. Black Hat uses American Express Corporate Travel services for booking airfare. If choosing to have Black Hat book air travel, that they will make a best effort to book a preferred itinerary however the itinerary may not be available via the Black Hat corporate travel department. Speakers may choose to either book the fare (based on the guidelines regarding booking their own air travel) or will agree to an alternate itinerary as provided by Black Hat.
  9. Speaker will reimburse Black Hat for non-refundable airfare should they be unable to attend for any reason.


  1. Speakers choosing to travel by automobile to the conference will receive $0.565 per mile, round-trip, as reimbursement in accordance with UBM and IRS regulations.
  2. Speakers traveling by rail or bus will be reimbursed for the cost of the ticket price and must provide a receipt.
  3. There is a cap of $1000 USD on round trip land based travel.
    There is a cap of $500 USD on one-way land based itineraries
  4. Reimbursement will be for one form of travel to the conference; be it rail, bus, or air travel.


  1. Luggage fees, transportation to and from the travel terminal(s) to the hotel/conference venue or travel from home/office to the travel terminal(s), or any additional expenses incurred will not be reimbursed.
  2. Parking, taxi or shuttle service(s) surrounding the event will not be reimbursed.
  3. Black Hat will pay for a single hotel room for four nights at a designated hotel, limited to one day before and one day after the event.
  4. Speakers booking their own travel will provide Black Hat with the dates of arrival and departure no later than 2 weeks after receiving the acceptance letter.
  5. Speakers failing to provide that information within that timeframe will make their own lodging arrangements and will not seek reimbursement from Black Hat.
  6. Speakers will be required to provide the hotel with a valid credit card on check in to secure the room; any and all additional costs incurred by the Speaker will not be reimbursed by Black Hat.
  7. Black Hat will not reimburse or provide a per diem for meals.