Black Hat Digital Self Defense
Windows Security 2002 Training
Radisson Hotel, New Orleans, LA
Feb 5-6, 2002

All course materials, lunch and two coffee breaks will be provided.

One Day Course
Tues, Feb 5
Using Active Directory to Manage Security
What to bring:
Students should come prepared with a laptop a laptop with Windows 2000 server CD


A comprehensive one day course, Using Active Directory to Manage Security takes you through the most powerful but least understood part of Windows 2000. Active Directory is THE place to manage all of your security infrastructure but how that works is often understood.

We will cover AD from the ground up,

  1. 1. Active Directory components and how a directory structure is designed
    Us. How to Group users and machines based on OUs, what is the best strategy, and how do you apply policy to them
    Policies: we will discuss security policies; what they are, how they are defined, how they are distributed.
    IPSec: distribution of IPsec policies is a powerful component of AD and we will build these right in the class and then distribute them.
    INFs: in a large environment the only way to probably manage things is with scripting. We will talk about how you can use infs to apply security to your environment. We will also talk about how you audit your environment using those INF files.
    Patch Deployment: we will show how you can use MSI with AD to deploy patches across your network
    Enterprise Admins: we will talk about the different admin roles, their importance, and how to make sure you are not putting yourself at risk with them.
    Delegation of Administration: an important part of any large org, what powers do you give to who? We will discuss this and how to make sure you not exposing yourself unnecessarily.

This class will very much be a hands-on course. The expectation is that everybody will bring a laptop with Windows 2000 server CD, and we will set up the class as a forest, with each person being a domain. We will see the affect we make by applying the policies on our domains.

Course Length: 1 day, 36 students

Cost: US $750 before Jan 1, 2002 or US $850 after Jan 1, 2002


Ray Forbes, aka Rooster