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This class seeks to provide a better understanding of the emerging trends and threats in the mobile space.

Participants will have the opportunity to audit mobile apps, circumvent operating systems, jailbreak / root devices, leverage mobile forensics and perform a variety of network-based attacks.

Also, there will be intros into:

  • iOS / Android / ARM Internals
  • Android Xsploit D3v
  • iPhone & iPad Mod'N
  • Harnessing the Power of Gnuradio and OpenBTS for Man-In-The-Middle Interception, Payload Injection & Fuzzing

Student Requirements, experience/expertise

  • Open, hungry h4x0r Mindset
  • Mac, Linux and Windows experience helpful

Student Requirements for Equipment & Software

The Trainer uses a Mac Book Pro, running Lion, 8 Gig of RAM, with the latest VMFusion installed with Xcode. If you have a Mac, use the latest version of VMFusion.

Windows 7 and XP laptops are also supported with the latest version of VMWare installed, but note, a few Mac-based exercises will need to be observed if you don't bring a Mac to class.

Around 50 Gig of drive space is needed for 'custom-baked' VM image, toolz and other 'stuff'. The VM Image was created as a Workstation 6.5-7.x Virtual Machine.

We will be using iPhone 4/ 4S, iPad 2, Nexus S,Blackberry Playbook and USRP N200. Participants should bring their own variety of lab smartphones / tablets and use at their own 'risk'. Though unlikely, one such risk is that your device may get 'bricked' in a lab exercise and may not function ever again. Caution will be given for specific labs.

Being a hacking class, you will need to turn off your anti-virus / anti-spyware protection mechanisms as they may zap / quarantine / interfere with certain files used in the course lab exercises.


Blake Turrentine has been a career penetration tester for over a dozen years working for a variety of customers. Projects have included lab research, device testing, app and infrastructure hacking.